Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Energy”, the energy within and around us all. Reiki when activated and applied for the purpose of healing, accelerates healing, by addressing the mind, body and spirit. The body’s ability to heal physical ailments increases. Reiki addresses mental and emotional imbalances. It balances the chakras leading to harmony between mind, body and spirit.

Reiki is a healing energy that is transmitted through the hands of a person who has been more directly linked to the universal life force through an initiation or attunement. The person giving the Reiki is simply a vessel allowing the universal energy to pass through them to the client. The energy enters, the person giving, at the crown chakra and passes through their arms and hands to the client. Reiki brings the body into balance so it can heal itself. The Person who receives Reiki is simply made better physically, mentally and spiritually. Each is brought closer to balance.

Reiki can be administered to animals as well as people. Reiki can be used for many things including house blessing and clearings.

The Benefits

Reiki can be used to great effect in many ways. Whether suffering from stress or tension, and the associated symptoms, or wishing to improve the quality of relationships at home or work, the beneficial effects of Reiki occur on many levels. Reiki can accelerate the healing of physical problems, balance the emotions, and free us from restrictive mental attitudes. It may also provide a closer connection with inner wisdom.

Reiki encourages and supports positive personal change such as improving the diet, having more rest, exercise or leisure time, and may reduce the need for alcohol and tobacco. Reiki can allow us to respond more calmly to all events. Reiki is gentle and may be used safely by all ages, including the newborn, pregnant mothers, surgical patients, the frail and the elderly, regardless of their state of health. Reiki can enhance everyday life, and regular sessions help to ward-off illness and fatigue.

Reiki is a non-invasive therapy that can be used without fear of any side-effects or overdose. It may be used with confidence alongside conventional medication or natural remedies because it acts in a complementary way.

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